About Call Journey

We’re all about voice data. Our mission is to unlock every conversation and add the true voice of the customer into the enterprise data mix. Our passionate conversation experts bring  together natural language processing & artificial intelligence to create an industry-leading conversation analytics ecosystem.

Financial services companies are being held to higher standards more so than ever before. Present times require new level of understanding of its internal business operations, policy and procedures and customer insights. Data analytics is a regulatory technology (regtech) solution that can help in identifying, monitoring and addressing risks.

Financial services companies need to ask themselves:

  • Do we have or are we using the technology available to capture, analyse and take action in relation to data on key risk indicators?
  • What risk-based data mining of customer interaction (such as call centre data) is being consistently, reliably and routinely comissioned?
  • Are we analysing the data we have into readily investigable "warning lights?"
Download this whitepaper to find out more about the importance of data mining and conversation Analytics and how it can help improve compliance. 


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